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Add include contract

Fix typo

Allow dots in the proc name when building the doc HTML to accomodate e.g. for procs such as "system.methodHelp"

Whitespace cleanup

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Create testing instance outside the transaction so it is visible for http requests as well and tear it down, always require empty instances

Use a common idiom to retrieve the first instance that is not cache dependent (ToDo reproduce the issue with ::xo::parameter get_package_id_from_package_key in an own test)

Use ns_conn location as a simpler way to retrieve the test URL (and more robust e.g. when behind a https proxy)

Let go the init_classes approach and require what is needed for each test locally (fixes path_resolve and basically all xowiki tests)

Make test dependent on xotcl

Whitespace changes

Fix typo

address issue #3426: maintain a table of unresolved references

These unresolved references are local links of the form [[...]]). Since

backlink references (e.g. {{my-references}}) are mainted on on page edits

via ids, dead links could not be maintained this way.

A new table is created to maintain such dead links, and refreshes references

to dead links, when such pages are created.

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Add documentation to includelets

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Whitespace changes

add test case for links with "resolve_local=true"

whitespace changes

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improve comment

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cleanup for link test cases (remove created instances)

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simplify code

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bump version number to reflect interface change

add function to set parameter value via xo::* interface: "xo::parameter set_value ..."

xo::parameter->clear_per_package_instance_value: removed needless argument

prefer dict over Tcl array

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prefer common testing framework components

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remove trailing newlines

add test cases for link rendering, for links pointing to folders in different instances

file xowiki-link-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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define ::xowiki::test::require_link based on symbolic name

extend regression test

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point link for xowiki-documentation to openacs instance

improve comment

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Bump version number to 5.10.0d37 and refetch site-wide pages

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