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Committing latest stage of workflow Tcl API. Most of this beautiful code was written by Lars Pind.

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merge changes from 4.6

Corrects db_transaction doc. Closes bug 104/patch 22 Vinod Kurup

Use posting_date_ansi + adds error check for non doubleclick submit error. closes bug 103/patch 21 Vinod Kurup

merge link fixes from oacs-4-6 to head

Fix links to old openacs.org site. closes bug 114/patch 31 Ola Hansson

changing bootstrapping code to use new apm_load_tests_p proc that is also used after package installation in APM

changing message after package installation to reflect that server restart is no longer necessary. Caching if package is enabled after installation as is done in bootstrap.tcl

adding proc apm_load_tests_p. changing a couple of procs to proper use of boolean argument

added patch status filter

Adds patch status filtering on patch-list page (from openacs.org)

updated documentation to include new switch, case and default tags. Note was also added to 'if' tag for documenting elseif.

Bad oracle fetch_paths query merged from oacs-4-6

Bad oracle fetch_paths query closes bug 122/patch 40 C. R. Oldham

merge patch 14 from oacs-4-6

Bad varname in template::util::multirow_to_list closes 91/patch 14 Ola Hansson

merge fix for bug 143 to head

ns_puts used instead of puts. closes 143/patch 45 Kevin Crosbie

merge fix for bug 134 from oacs-4-6

Add a doctype to the default-master bug 134/patch 44 Vinod Kurup

one.xql query user_infox should have been user_info which broke oracle bug 135/patch 43 Brad Duell

making sure catalog messages are cached when new package is installed in APM. Also making sure tcl libraries and xql queries are loaded for the package after installation so that restart of server is no longer necessary (I hope). Resorted to using the force_install_p flag since the tcl libraries wouldn't source otherwise in the apm_files_load proc. This doesn't feel like the ideal solution but it gets the job done

making it possible to cache all catalog messages for a single package

added rss-support module

refactoring: extracting the code in the boostrap file that loads a package into the proc apm_load_package. Would like to call this proc after package installation in the APM.

apm_load_package should not cache that package is enabled

adding a procedure apm_load_package for loading a package so that this can be done without restarting the server, for example directly after installation. Moving Ben's comment for apm_load_queries into ad_proc

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the check for whether acs-automated-testing is enabled was broken, replacing inline query with apm proc

adding new proc for checking if there is an enabled version of a certain package_key

removing inlined oracle specific queries, removing -default flag from db_string where not needed, correcting misnamed (copy paste) query