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Make parameter comment coherent with the real default value

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Chat Redesign: bump version number after parameter cleanup.

Chat Redesign: cleanup of obsolete parameters ('AppletHeight','AppletWidth','DefaultClient','ServerHost','ServerPort').

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file chat-common.js was added on branch oacs-5-10 on 2019-02-25 15:35:44 +0000

Chat Redesign:

+ Skin support.

+ New 'ChatSkin' instance parameter, with currently two possible values: 'classic' and 'bubbles'.

+ Skins are located in the new packages/xowiki/www/resources/chat-skins/ directory.

+ New 'bubbles' skin, default for the chat package.

+ Old skin renamed to 'classic', default for the xowiki includelet.

+ New skins can be created by just adding the css and js files in the skins directory, and naming them accordingly. For example, being '$skin' the name of the new skin, the files should be named chat-$skin-common.js and chat-$skin.css.

+ New '-skin' parameter to the Chat login proc, containing the name of the skin (i.e. 'classic' or 'bubbles').

+ Bump version number.

File storage max upload limit reform:

the max upload limit will now default to empty. Rationale: this value is

one that ages quickly with respect to new storage requirements, and is

currently set to something incompatible with the vanilla Naviserver configuration

(500MB fs vs 20MB ns).

The upgrade script will make so that instances setting this parameter

higher than the server upload limit configuration will be

set empty as well (this would never have an effect, as server

will prevent the upload altogheter anyway).

Max upload limit in bytes is now retrieved from a proc implementing

this fallback to server configuration logics. Other than centralizing,

its purpose is to be used in client-side code checks in the future

so we could prevent a doomed upload in advance.

Refer to the parameter in the file-storage instance instead than on a local one to decide the maximum upload size and deprecate the one here

Rationale: makes little sense that we set and maintain separate limits referring to the same file-storage instance

Remove trivial default, already set by the api

Whitespace removal

Remove obsolete queries and bring remaining one inline

Speed up referential integrity by avoiding sequential scans

Whitespace changes

Fix typo in proc doc

Whitespace changes

Fix typo in proc doc

Whitespace changes

Remove duplicated comments

Whitespace changes

Add missing parameter to include doc

fix documentation bug #3369

Add ad_include_contract and documentation to this page

Use ad_include_contract on this page

Replace custom arg checks with proper ad_include_contract

Fix doc

Add @see in deprecated proc

Add some @see in deprecated procs

Fix contract doc

Use ad_include_contract and revise current usages (e.g. write_p was not used anywhere)

Use ad_include_contract on this page

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Bring all sql inline

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