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file xooauth.info was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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add i-can-use rule for "ns_urlencode -part oauth1"

additional form-field class "localized_richtext"

This class is very similar to localized_text, but for richtext widgets

(internationalized text with richtext markup) instead of plain text

improve comment

FormPage->field_names: in case, not form is given, fall back for the needed field names to the field_name provided by form_constraints

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Add missing semicolon

Solve a potential issue when one would cleanup "dynamic" notification requests: this was done directly on the table and could therefore leave dangling acs_objects around

- cleanup all acs_objects of type 'notification_request' that do not have a corresponding entry in the table (~35000 downstream)

- embed logic of delete_dynamic_requests query inside select_invalid_request_ids query, as there the deletion is done properly

file upgrade-5.10.0d6-5.10.0d7.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Reinstate retrieval of the package_id from the connection context in child-resources, the problem was that, when we required a connection context in create_form_page_instance, we did with no information whatsoever, which was then retrieved by e.g. ns_conn, sometimes wrongly (e.g. when one is running under the test package)

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Cleanup after each individual test

child-resources has already a package_id, getting it from the connection context makes the includelet susceptible to e.g. package initializations from the outside (see e.g. xowiki link_tests automated test)

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Remove 'check_xotcl_xocc' test case, as it has served its purpose already

Ensure a minimal connection context before checking for user_id

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Cleanup temporary XOTcl objects after test run

Add 'package_id' for tests so it does not need to be guessed

Add 'package_id' for tests so it does not need to be guessed

Add 'check_xotcl_xocc' test case, checking for 'xo::cc'.

The intention of this test is to expose the destruction of the '::xo::cc' object, as a side effect of the 'check_xotcl' test. The test will fail if executed after it, and succeed otherwise.

The object destruction affects other tests executed in the same batch, and breaks in particular xowf's 'create_folder_with_page'.

The 'check_xotcl' test runs the 'Serializer all' method, which is calling 'xo::at_cleanup', destroying the '::xo::cc' object.

- added detailed proctoring options

- accordeon style exam options

- allwo restart in "done" state only for SWAs

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show action "view" only, when user is swa

show "view" button only, when workflow instance with the current name was already created.

revert escaped change

make proxy exec more compatible with tcl exec: support flags "-ignorestderr" and "--"

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fix bug in javascript, when only the screen-stream should be recorded

improve spelling

Do rollback after test run

stay closer to QTI, use more appropriate labels

fix error message generation

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improve styling of nested repeated fields (less frames)

Use usual delete symbol for deleting repeat elements

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added NSF version to reported version numbers