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Bump version number and add site-wide admin management scripts

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Fix typo in error message

fix and comment strange construct in api_read_script_documentation

remove spurious brace

Fix cut&paste error

Bump version number on HEAD in agreement with version on 5-9 branch

Backport fix for https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=5386710 on the oacs-5-9 branch (requires bumping the version number)

update documentation and bump version number

reduce number of swallowing catch operations

Reduce number of swallowing catches

Fix boolean expressions in .adp files

Fix typo chartype->charset

add negative nt_total_time to sanity check

reduce verbosity: no need to add message about missing "r" value

Make so that these clauses are really clauses and not time intervals, as downstream code will be hacky otherwise

- just warn on bog differences between t_done and nt_total_time

- reduce verbosity

really fix variable access to nt_total_time (guess, i need a break)

really fix variable access to nt_total_time

Improve previous fix: don't specify root folder at all and let file-storage deal with this

Bugfix: make sure root_folder_id exists or dotlrn won't display community folder correctly

fix variable access

add nt_total_time, sine t_done has sometimes less real-world significance then hoped

Fix missing default value

Fix extra parenthesys

Bugfix: content variable was not define before access (thanks to Giulia Nencini)

I am also not reading file content anymore, as this is potentially unsafe when file is very big and also could need special encoding translation etc.

Better retrieve the path and let the user decide what to do afterwards.

make sure to call ad_script_abort after ad_return

User ad_try instead of with_catch

use ad_try instead of with_catch

User ad_try instead of "with*"

fix boolean expression in adp