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Chat Redesign: set min-width to the send form and the 'Full screen' trigger so they do not overlap in very small widths

Chat Redesign: set min-width to the send button, so it does not collapse in very small widths

Chat Redesign: use hyphens and overflow-wrap to manage line overflow, instead of just blindly breaking all words

Chat Redesign: hide background scroll bar in 'Full screen' mode

Chat Redesign: avoid timestamp float overlapping by clearing floats after the message block

Don't use the "javascript:" presudo-URL idiom to avoid CSP complaints from the browser

Chat Redesign: be more explicit in the send icon padding and border, to avoid unintended theme inheritance

Use again more standard idiom to fix user picture border this time

Use more standard-friendly idioms when rendering user information (fixes colors in IE)

Use a more standard-friendly idiom to attach an event handler (fixes IE)

Chat Redesign: avoid breakage produced by veeeeeeery long words by breaking them using the 'word-break' css property

Chat Redesign: revert setting automatically the focus on the input field after 'Full screen' switch, as it produces the not so nice effect on mobile devices of triggering the on-screen keyboard

Chat Redesign: add a fixed height to the 'xowiki-chat-messages-and-form' element on small widths, to make room for the user list and the input field.

Switch to a non-nsv approach to determine the right chat class

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Chat Redesign: restore focus on input field after 'Full screen' switch

Add leftover file

Chat reform:

- reduce code duplication by determining the proper chat class dynamically and storing it in an nsv

- move static content in the resources path. Serving them is now independent from the mounted xowiki path

- get rid of the ajax url path

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Chat Redesign: simplify style of 'Full Screen' icon

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Chat Redesign: simplify send icon svg and styles associated

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Chat Redesign: add send button + svg icon

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Chat Redesign: make 'Full screen' images color filling easy to change in css

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Give xowiki chat also some kind of nice skin and centralize css retrieval

TODO: something smarter can be done in order to retrieve the proper css, based e.g. on theme, chat skin (to be implemented) etc. To be discussed is some way to resolve resources based on the theme.

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Chat Redesign:

+ Add avatars to chat user list.

+ acs-subsite: new default avatar images (x50 and x100)

+ acs-subsite: provide with a default avatar (x50) on portrait-bits.tcl

+ acs-subsite: restrict portrait-bits.tcl to authenticated users

+ xowiki and chat: add blocks and styles for the user picture

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Chat Redesign: 'Full screen' trigger + icon, making the chat use the whole browser window.

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Chat Redesign: add LinkRegex global parameter to the chat package, containing the regexp that will look for URLs inside chat messages, so they can be properly formatted as html links.

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Chat Redesign:

+ New style classes, opening the door to further graphic redesign.

+ Revamping of the user list.

+ Revamping of the input block.

+ Small changes in the messages block, including floating timestamps to the right.

+ Responsive design: use flexbox for chat layout.

+ Responsive design: make user list horizontally scrollable for 'small' widths.

+ Expose user_id in a hidden div, in the chat adp, so it can be used by the javascript part to check and assign different styles to the chat messages if they belong to the user watching the page.

+ xotcl-core: Pass color and user_id in the message, avoiding the creation of the user link at this level.

+ xotcl-core: Remove user_link proc.

+ xowiki: Avoid autocompletion in input field.

+ xowiki: Adding and relocation of div elements.

+ xowiki: Simple function to transform url-like elements of the messages into links.

+ xowiki: Create user links in chat-common.js.

+ xowiki: Check user_id and assign classes to elements depending on the user watching the page.

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Fix string replace to render user link

Force IE to recover focus on the message field whenever messages are rendered

Chat reform:

- rework xotcl-core chat machinery to return its responses through JSON and include information about active users

- depend on xowiki instead of xotcl-core only

- exploit xowiki "Comet" server push implementation when the browser supports it

- reduce code duplication

- drop plain HTML chat

- reduce hardcoded styling

- minor cleanups

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Add ':' to formatting to uniform with the render method