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Prefer glyph-icons over sprites:

- new function xowiki::Package preferredCSSToolkit to ease access to preferred CSS toolkit

- split xowiki.css into a generic part (xowiki.css) and a preferred toolkit related part


- use glyphicons in bootstrap variant instead of sprites for edit/delete/... buttons

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break long lines

improve comments and indentation

make handling of form parameters more uniform

replaced YUI dnd by HTML5 dnd and therefor removed need of YUI in candidate_box_select.

candidate_box_select uses now clear distinction between internal representations and labels (as in options).

form-field of "form_page" uses now item-refs as internal representation since this relatively friendly to

clipboard movements and supports elements from different folders (which was previously broken).

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Further performance improvement: as we only want one column from xowiki_form_page, just get it through a subquery

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xowiki_form_instance_item_view performance improvement: do not join with dummy cr_text table, use lateral on Postgres to better guide the query planner

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Fix properly import/export in a way that, as we did before, context_id of imported objects will use cr_items default, the parent_id

xowiki_form_instance_item_view reform: retrieve the context_id from the cr_item, rather than from the cr_revision

Rationale: revision's context_id is always set to its item_id. This will make every fetched ORM object appear as its context_id = item_id, while item's acs_object will display the correct context_id (in most cases, its parent)

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Keep previous behavior of ignoring the context_id when exporting/importing xowiki objects now that this metadata would be persisted

prefer absolut object references over ids

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- modernize code (remove "my")

- prefer fully qualified commands based on IDs

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Make sure init test classes are named differently, or xowiki tests will interfere with xowf ones

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- Update jquery to 3.4.0

- provide URNs for jquery-ui

- bump fallback-version of bootstrap to 3.4.1 (used, when the bootstrap3 theme is not installed)

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provide proper error messages in case invalid sorting criteria are passed to table widgets

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improve handling in error cases

update to newer testing interface

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Replace array idiom -> dict idiom (port from downstream)

add a comment easier to understand by the casual reader

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Fix doc

Make requiring of a test package instance more generic: the plan is to use it in other contexts

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Require an extra xowiki instance for test shenanigans

Use the xowiki namespace

Cleanup irrelevant comment

Fix typos

remove .SELF. prefix also in link_info dict

fix typo in anonymous array

Prefer connchan message relay implementation (we check whether it is available anyway)

provide proper fix, which makes the expectations clear

Whitespace cleanup