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Extended "Page.copy_content_vars" with a "-except" parameter

This change makes it possible to use values from template pages

without changing the name of the target page. This change also

introduces a small modernization to use dicts instead of arrays.

improve spelling

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Added optional "-name" to xowiki::update_item_index

This attribute was missing from the changeble attributes

of the xowiki_form_instance_item_index

Quote name, as this will be shown in the error message

handle the case when instantiate_includelet is not returning an object (e.g. invalid top_includelet via user input)

increased value checking for paramter that might be influenced by user input

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Fix typo

Prefer xo::dc api

improved support for cluster-wide operations

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provide for FormPages a differentiated error message

This treats in particular the case of a language prefix followed by

an empty name.

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improved checking of parameter values, which might be influenced via query parameters

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Added support for passing parameter_name:value_constraint to xowiki::Package->get_parameter

- The get_parameter method can get values from query-parameters, therefore

we have to validate these.

- Use the new feature at several places (especially for boolean values)

- Still, more places should be checked

- bumped xowiki to 5.10.1d37

- bumped xotcl-core to 5.10.1d14

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improve spelling

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use new path xowiki/lib/portlets/ instead of .../www/...

new proc "ad_log_deprecated": unified interface for logging deprecated usages

The existing code used a larger variety of different messages to

denote invocations of deprecated procs and other

artifacts. "ad_log_deprecated" provides a unified interface, and

provides a usage hint what to use instead based on the API-doc

definitions in the log-file.

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undo part of last change

unfortunatly, the 0.9.3 issue can't be fixed so simple as hoped. The "-html" flag is necessary for dealing with autoclosed entries.

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for orthogonaly, remove "-html" flag from dom parse to avoid a potential top-level <html> element

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Make page_template foreign key deferrable

This solves the problem of deleting implicitly child-items, which

depend on each other when deleting an item. When deleting an item, the

deletion of child-items in the content repository happens in an

arbitrary order, which could raise fk constraints. Since the deletion

happens in a transaction, the deferring checking of the constraints

helps, since then the constraint violating item is also already


There is no update script necessary, since reload alters the


Drop "ON DELETE CASCADE" on page_template, since this might lead to crippled entries in the database.

When someone delets via operations in the database a form, protentially existing

form pages refering to this item might be left in a crippled state.

The cascade operation deletes the revision (xowiki_page_instance), but leaves

the half-crippled item. The problem does not exist over the web interface,

since it does not allow such items to be deleted while form pages exist.

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tdom sometimes html-escapes unknown tags

Consider code like


# dom parse -simple -html $form doc

# ...

# return [$root asHTML]

Unfortunately, this causes that some tags unknown to tdom

(like <adp:icon>) are converted to escaped tags (&lt; ...).

This can be regarded as a bug. To avoid this problem, we

substitute here the adp_tags in advance. This needs more

investigation in other cases.... The potential harm in this

cases here is very little, but probably, there are other

cases as well where this might harm.

added context_id to excluded vars in copy_content_vars

get rid of "xowiki::adp_parse_tags", since this is handled now already in acs-templating

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do not cache some volatile info in xowiki::file objects

We differentiate now between the classical name validation error and

the name-too-long error. Message keys had to be extended.

Version number bumped to 5.10.1d27

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Improved Bootrap5 support

- transformed PageInstance->adp_parse_tags into an adp_proc

xowiki::PageInstance->adp_parse_tags to ease usage outside methods.

- made personal-notification proc agonsitic of Boostrap 3

- renamed attribute "-glyphicon" to "-adpicon" in


and use adp:icon instead

- added regression test

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d26

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ADP-parsing for form content

- new method "PageInstance->adp_parse_tags"

This method is similar to

template::adp_compile -string $HTML

but it just performs tag substion (and not ADP variable

substitution, since this is done differently concerning instance

attributes, etc) on the provided HTML chunk.

- apply adp_parse_tags on "PageInstance->get_form". This means that

every "form" (no matter whether this comes from the instance

attributes of from the instance variable) run through the ADP tag


Revert port of downstream feature: the same check can be performed more flexibly via the condition=regexp and condition=match

Port of downstream feature: condition proc on the FormPage checking that a page name respects some regular expression

Fix typo

Make sure result is defined, small improvements