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Port of downstream behavior:

create_link instproc is supposed to return an object. In case of error, just crash and let the anchor insproc handle the exception, instead of trying to use the error message as an object.

undo recent changes on too global localizations

The new form-field class localized_text text solves the goals

of for providing a formfield interface to message keys in a

loca fashion rather than altering the behavior of all form

field and of all property interfaces.

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New form-field class: localized_text

This class can be used to provide an interface for specifying

internationalized text strings saved in message keys via input

from a form. When editing the content provided via the input field

is saved together with an item-specific message keys in the

message key tables via lang::util::convert_to_i18n.

This formfield class is especially useful for xowiki items which

have no language-prefix (e.g. folders or links). In other cases it

is probably still a better idea to create same named pages with

different language prefixes.

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Implement 'language_specific' formfields and 'localized' FormPage properties:

- properties can be stored and retrieved specifying a -localized flag: this flag will make transparently store and retrieve the property value from a custom message key created in the acs-translations package referencing the FormPage. This localization mechanism is additional to that of language-prefixed pages and can address the need of multi-language content for non-prefixable objects such as folders

- via specifying language_specific in the formfield spec, one can enable this new localization mechanism when interacting with the FormPage via a xowiki::Form

TODO: handle export/import of pages (e.g. serializing available translation and generate the new message keys for the imported page), add some nicer UI to make the user aware of e.g. current translation context

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Improve doc and minor refactoring to reduce the diff with possible upcoming change

make "instantiate_forms" a method of packages

this reads better than the previous variant based on the Weblog class.

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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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move comments around and improve it

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generalize handling of langstrings

this change updates yesterday's change with ml_title. It generalizes

the code by introducing an instproc named "update_langstring_property" that

generalizes setting of arbitrary "properties" based on a property "langstring"

that contains a dict of attributes in multiple languages (which are part

of the page, make it suitable also when the enduser cannot enter

message keys).

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improve spelling

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- textarea: added attribute "autosave"

- set autosave attributes in text_fields, when "multiple_lines" was specified.

- remove for the time being "hkey" from "non_cached_instance_var_patterns",

since this was recently fixed (TODO: check regression test and reactivate it later)

- new Externally callable method: autosave-attribute:

this is a simplified version of "save-attributes", but which does

NOT perform input validation, which might be a problem in case of partial input

- add "autosave-attribute" to all policies, where "save-attributes" was set

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improve SQL quoting

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don't set href for rejected link to empty over the deprecated interface, but unset the href

allow list on folder in all default policies

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reduce verbosity

fix typos and whitespace changes

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improve wording and fix typos

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use more descriptive variable name

don't return @cr_fields ad form_field by create_form_fields_from_form_constraints

split up large method into three

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add item shuffling for test item procs and do some minor refactoring

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Make ::xowiki::Page pretty_link explicitly private, as should be called only after package initialization

::xowiki::Package pretty_link is the public api to generate links

Refer doc to where most of the magic happens

Fix typo, doc changes

undo change which invites to call pretty_link on uninitialized packages

Improve doc

Make sure package is initialized, as we do downstream

Make sure page template is instantiated as we do downstream

Improve documentation