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Do not add the language prefix when the lookup already found exactly the page we were trying to reference (complies with current automated tests)

reduce verbosity

add safety belt and hint for pretty_link invocations with unknown target pages

Comment log statement: found_id might not be an object by the time this code is executed

add page p0 to regression test, provide more logging

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reduce verbosity

reduce verbosity

improve spelling

don't allow any adressing outside the jail

whitespace changes

add "-nocache" to Package.get_paramter to support explicit refetching

- do not add a language prefix on links. This fixes now as well the old xowiki regression test

- omit language prefix on newborn pages: now, all openacs regression test for xowiki work cleanly

- provide a better fix for name disambiguation between folders and same named (language prefixed) pages

- extend regression test

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Keep the eventual language prefix in the name, as it is useful to distinguish e.g. pages from folders with the same name

improve configuratbility of make_form_link: support passing extra query parameters

add missing colon

new feature: add one-button copy action to folder listings

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Prefer glyph-icons over sprites:

- new function xowiki::Package preferredCSSToolkit to ease access to preferred CSS toolkit

- split xowiki.css into a generic part (xowiki.css) and a preferred toolkit related part


- use glyphicons in bootstrap variant instead of sprites for edit/delete/... buttons

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make handling of form parameters more uniform

prefer absolut object references over ids

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- modernize code (remove "my")

- prefer fully qualified commands based on IDs

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Replace array idiom -> dict idiom (port from downstream)

- document the web-callable methods

- separater test cases from test helper procs

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fix name of called proc, add warnings to raise awareness

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close potential return vector via "data:*" URLs

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prefer dict over anonymous array

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improve comment

improve spelling

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new parameter "fallback_languages":

Specify space delimited two character codes for checking default languages. When this parameter is non-empty, try to get the page in the specified languages as fallback rather than offering a link for creation of a page in the requested locale. Per default this paramter is empty.

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