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distinguish betweem Tcl command "file" and '::xowiki::formfield::file'

- add stopword list for word cloud

- use just lower case words in word cloud

generalize "transimit_always" handling for select, radio and checkbox

fix a bug in multi-selects, when de-selecting the last element of an optional mulit-select (many thanks to Michael Aram)

handle more "correct_when" cases when providing a value via. "make_correct"

whitespace changes and fix logic for valid_subselection

make the same (transitional) change for for improved mobile behavior on radio checkmarks

use always check-box inline for formatting

include word statistics for text area

reduce verbosity


- new helper API call: "dict_to_fc" to convert from a dict to a form constraint spec.

- extended formfield answer and word statistics

- ckeditor4: add dimensions (width and height) when available to the configuration

- prefer variables over method calls

- added answer hints (one word, multiple words, ...) to text_fields widget

- form_page: maintain list of references such that the referenced page

knows if and from where it is referenced

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use glyph icon in bootstrap mode instead of gif image in form info messages

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extended form-fields autocorrection handling

- added functionality of per-form-field statistics

- added support for "radio"/single choice test items

- added support for richtext handling in "radio"

- added a (limited) method to set a form-field to a correct value, based on "correct_when".

So far, just a minimal set of predicated is handled

- improved "unknown" handling, when the code does not know, whether item is correct or not

- refactored some code

- improved source code documentation

Check for answer being not-empty instead of being true

make method "is_disabled" more robust (accepting truth values in different formats)

- New option for all form_fields: "disabled_as_div" to render disabled input fields as div.

This has the advantage that con can provide with little effort highlighting in such fields.

- New conveniance method "is_disabled" to avoid repetitious cose

- Additional correct_when predicate: "contains".

Correct, when answer contains any of the provided words.

- added instance variable parent_field (when create_components is used).

This eases the upwards traversal for compound form fields.

- simplify usage of shuffling since it makes configuration via

form-constraints easier. we use now one field "shuffle_kind"

instead of the tow fields before.

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change order of class definition: move CompoundField to the front to let other fields depend on it

    • -1078
    • +1079
- new abstract form-field class: ShuffleField

* provide means for shuffling options and answers

* three shuffle modes:

- no-shuffling (parameter shuffle false)

- shuffling on every call

- shuffling for a seed (depending on an ID, always the same shuffling)

- new form-field class text_fields, based on ShuffleField

similar to checkbox, but with text fields

and autocorrection via "correct_when"

- support for richtext in checkbox labels

- factored out set_feedback (was previously inline in xowf)

- bump version number to 5.10.0d41

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factor out loop invariants

added validator for "correct_when" form field types

prefer variable names over method calls

strip white space

allow empty correct_when specifications

provide new form-field "correct_when" for conveniant user interaction

the form-field type is currently just a text field with a tailored

help text, but can be extended in the future via pull-downs etc.

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prefer resolver variables over method calls.

remove fallback to obsolete version of ckeditor and bail out instead

remove debug output

The xowikiimage plugin requires "standard-all". Currently, the CKeditor CDN seems to have troubles. If this pe3rsists, we have to switch per-default to "standard", and drop the plugin for the time being, or rewrite it.

CKeditor has on its CDN just "standard", "basic" and "full". Default now to "standard" instead of "standard-all"