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XOTcl 2.0 improvements

- reduce usage of "instvar"

- make use of variable resolver instead

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- Default menu entries: distinguish between "startpage"

(menu.Package.Startpage) and "table of contents" (menu.Package.Toc)

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- Use message keys "xowiki.menu-*" uniformly

Order tree by label

Put missing -base argument (many thanks to Markus Moser)

- add option "-path_encode" to methods "pretty_link" and "folder_path"

to allow to control, wether the result should be encoded or not

(default true)

- simplify logic around path encoding by using parameter -query of pretty_link

- Bump version number of xowiki and xowf to 5.9.1b4

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Avoid other double encoding when export_vars is applied on xowiki pretty_links

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Fix spelling errors

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Allow to specify values different to "." and ".." in parent argument

Change default for PreferredCSSToolkit from "yui" to "bootstrap" and for PreferredRichtextEditor from "xinha" to "ckeditor4"

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- use confirm handler instead of "onclick=..." in all packages in oacs-5-9

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remove javascript urls and onclick handlers from xowiki menubar (yui and bootstrap)

- add nonce attribute to javascript created via tdom

- add HTML IDs to menu items

- add ability to add listener (list with 2 elements: type (such as

"click") and script (body of a function to be executed).

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- add csrf protection (bulk-delete, save operations in FormPages)

- add input checking for optional query-parameter "master"

- bump version number to 5.9.1d8

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- made dropzone a first-class member of the menubar. Now the dropzone

can be configured like all other menubar entries per-folder via

extra_menu_entries (form field in the folder form) or parameter

ExtraMenuEntries (see example below)

- made dropzone configurable (xowiki-uploader-procs.tcl)

One can now specify per dropzone the actions to be performed

with the uploaded content (sample uploaders are provided

with ::xowiki::UploadFile (produces ::xowiki::File entries) or

::xowiki::UploadPhotoForm (produces FormPages for photo.form).

This can serves as a boilerplate for other drop operations

like creating workflow instances or forums postings via drag&drop.

- added mode-handler (xowiki-mode-procs.tcl): The mode handlers

provide easy handling for querying and switching per-session modes

(like eg admin-mode, developer-mode, student-mode, ...). Depending

on the mode different ui options might be offered. Sample with

::xowiki::mode::admin provided, which is per default on, when the

user has admin rights in the current package.

- added modebutton as first-class member of the menubar.

This is currently only supported by the bootstrap renderer,

which displays this as a ios like slider button in the menubar

(see config example below)

- example extra_menu entries:

{clear_menu -menu New}

{entry -name New.Page -label #xowiki.new# -form en:page.form}

{entry -name New.File -label File -object_type ::xowiki::File}

{dropzone -name DropZone -label DropZone -uploader File}

{modebutton -name Admin -label admin -button admin}

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- added support for HTML5 attribute "multiple" to form-field "file"

(requires updated naviserver for handling multiple files via [ns_getform])

- added dropzone to xowiki menubar

(easy means for uploading one or many files to the current folder)

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- added render-bulkactions method to bootstrap table renderer

- added bulk-delete action to child-resources (instead of the useless "select" action)

- add bulk-delete to the externally callable methods

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- use perviously computed link

- backport from oacs-5-9

- return full set of attributes for recursive folder query (at least title is needed in the folder-tree)

- return full set of attributes for recursive folder query (at least title is needed in the folder-tree)

- improve validity and security of generated HTML

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- keep link-source for folder-tree to allow for opening the link-source and not the link-target branch

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- reduce verbosity

- use grounded recurisve query instead of *children view

- use grounded recurisve query instead of *children view

Merging back to HEAD all changes that happened in branch oacs-5-8 between tags: vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027 and vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20150427

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- disambiguate package_id

- bumped version to 0.161

- substantially improved scalability when acessing xowiki form pages

based on attributes specified in revision tables.

- much faster version of folders.folder_query (mostly relevant, when having

hundreds/thousands of folders) and FormPage.get_form_entries

- transferred hstore support from xowf to xowiki (e.g. utilities in


- FormPage.hstore_attributes: added configurable support for

specifying, what attributes of instance-attributes should

be used in hstore.

- change virus scanning from "clamscan" to "clamdscan"

(use daemon-based version for improved performance

when uploading files)

# - xowiki_form_instance_item_index:


# A materialized table of xowiki formpage instances, containing

# just the item information, but combined with other attributes

# frequently used for indexing (like page_id, paren_id, ... hkey).


# Rationale: The quality of indices on cr_revisions tend to

# decrease when there are many revisions stored in the database,

# since the number of duplicates increases due to non-live

# revisions. This table can be used for indexing just the live

# revision on the item level.


# select count(*) from xowiki_form_instance_item_index

# where package_id = 18255683

# and page_template = 20260757

# and publish_status='ready';



# Define helper views in connection with the form_instance_item_index:


# - xowiki_form_instance_item_view:


# A view similar to xowiki_form_pagei, but containing already

# often extra-joined attributes like parent_id, object_type,

# publish_status, etc.. This view returns

# only the values of the live revisions, and uses

# "form_instance_item_index" for quick lookup.


# select * from xowiki_form_instance_item_view

# where package_id = 18255683

# and page_template = 20260757

# and publish_status='ready';



# - xowiki_form_instance_children:


# Return the root_item_id and all attributes of the

# form_instance_item_index of all child items under the tree based

# on parent_ids. Use a query like the following to count the

# children of an item having a certain page_template (e.g.

# find all the folders/links/... having the the specified item as

# parent).


# select count(*) from xowiki_form_instance_children

# where root_item_id = 18255779

# and page_template = 20260757

# and publish_status='ready';


# - xowiki_form_instance_attributes


# Return for a given item_id the full set of attributes like the

# one returned from xowiki_form_instance_item_view. The idea is to

# make it convenient to obtain from a query all attributes

# necessary for creating instances. The same view can be used to

# complete either values from the xowiki_form_instance_item_index


# select * from xowiki_form_instance_item_index xi

# left join xowiki_form_instance_attributes xa on xi.item_id = xa.item_id;


# or from xowiki_form_instance_children


# select * from xowiki_form_instance_children ch

# left join xowiki_form_instance_attributes xa on ch.item_id = xa.item_id;

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- xo::pg_version: provide simple support for distinction of versions in pg

- use recursive query for child-items in folder-tree in pg9

- add experimental package parameter "MenuBarSymLinks" in xowiki parameters to ease testing

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.