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Do not return empty context_ids for the test, make sure value will have to change

Save the object title as well when updating (improves xotcl-core automated tests)

whitespace cleanup

new API method Table->column_names to query the defined columns of a table.

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simplify logic

Test behavior before and after a full fetch, make sure that the chosen context_id is not the previous one

Be stricter in CrItem tests as well

Be stricter and treat known suboptimal behaviors in ORM interface as test failures

return [ad_conn peeraddr] instead of [ns_conn peeraddr] as default for IP address as creator/modifier IP address

Fix xotcl-core cr-items test: modifying IP comes in fact from the cr_item's acs_object (it is also on the revision, but on the items seems to take into account e.g. proxying)

Throw application-specific disconnection errors instead than plain errors, so they can be handled as less severe

change references from "http://*tcl.tk/" to "https://*tcl-lang.org/"

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white-space changes

provide on reviews not only the web-based diff, but as well a text based diff, in case the web-based diff

fails to show differences.

Fix typo

avoid double substitutions

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do not add __csrf_token to sort order url

Trailing whitespace cleanup

- if one is handling ::db::Object slots generally, to it correctly (including "object_id")

- reduce redundancy

Backport changes from downstream: add CrItems we skip as they are handled by ::xo::db::Object already

add test cases from the xotcl-core DB tutorial

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file xotcl-core-db-tutorial-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Improve boolean existance checks

Add a couple more tests about properties of revisions

Add basic CrItem tests

Basic tests of ::xo::db::Object and ::xo::db::Class

file xotcl-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Replace legacy acs_permission__permission_p with acs_permission.permission_p

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Make sure a context_id is there

improve spelling

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