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provide style- and font-based sort-handles

This requires the CSS classes "sort-active", "sort-inactive", "sort-up", and "sort-down"

Fix typo

fix typo

don't tolerate silently invalid calling patterns (probably in downstream code)

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Tolerate ordered composite (e.g. tables) where no orderby was specified

reduce dependency on adp-level during rendering but get the information directly from the containing objects

Port reform that replaces publish status display from a png to a character + css style to the xowiki/admin/list

The behavior of the default table widget had to be adapted to reflect that of the bootstrap one: css class from the line is appended to that from the field definition

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Separate csv formatting and csv sending to increase reusablity

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undo escaped changes (debugging info)

avoid that invalid tags are inserted to the db

The inserted tags have to be compatible with


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whitespace change

improve robustness when called without connection

avoid subst in export_vars by using xo::update_query

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Use built-in "ns_parsequery" instead of manual parsing of query parameters

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handle bulk-actions and hidden-fields in cvs exports

make end of resub options explicit

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improve robustness of table sort links, when called without connection

skip hidden fields to avoid empty td elements for the user

revert change, since this breaks applications

if the distinction is needed, a better change is required,

either via configuration of a prefix, or via subclassing.

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Try to avoid interference between two different table widgets rendered on the same page: fetch sorting column by prefixing by the table name

add saftey-belt for missing CSSclass attributes

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improve stylability

add support in form-fields to add css class for td in TableWidget and whitespace changes

fix indentation, make it easier to grep for definiton of namespaced classes

Add 'require_html_procs' to the ::xo namespace in order to be compliant with OpenACS naming standards

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fullow usual line breaking conventions

Add a new Action widget property "confirm_message": when this is set on a BulkAction, will generate the javascript to ask for confirmation using specified message

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Localize sorting of column in xotcl widgets, update german and italian localization

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make translation mode stylable via CSS, add styles for default and bootstrap3 themes, reduce dependencies on xinha icons

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Localize bulk-actions label in the child-resources include (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

Port from downstream

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