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Improved readability of configuration parameter "parameterSecret"

- Switched to camelCase for better readabilty and uniformity

- NaviServer configuration parameters are case insensitive, so no danger for backward compatibility

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Fix method signature

Fixed implementation of value checker dbtext

The old version was not persistent in the blueprints.

Furthermore, the new version is more than 2x faster by

avoiding regular expressions.

Provide facilities to validate against invalid SQL strings

We introduce a new page contract filter and nsf validator called "dbtext". They implement enforcing of a value to be useable in an SQL query. Currently, this means that the value should not contain the NUL character, but the definition may change in the future or become database-specific.

The html contract filter has also be extended to reject the NUL character.

The test suite has been updated/extended to reflect the changes.

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Add type=oneof to Serializer exportMethods

Many thanks to Sebastian Scheder and Günter Ernst

Simplify oneof filters to not depend on other api

Fix syntax of new oneof value checker

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Implement a oneof value checker for xowiki query parameters

The ad_ filter was used to have a localized error message

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use "ns_set stats" when available in memory statistics of ::xo::stats

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maintenance: simplified and shortened nested if expression

do not show invalid input to the user

improved spelling

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improve listing of properties of NX classes

Use the usual idiom for checking if the connection is active

... why in the first place was this change necessary? Who calls this

in which way this www-*method without a connection?

Don't run the spiel when we are not connected

Added nsf value checker "signed"

This value checker tests, whether the provided value was signed with

::security::parameter::signed. If so, and when it was called with

"signed,convert", it returns the value which was signed.

Bumped version number to 5.10.1d16

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reduce verbosity

remove legacy code

improve spelling

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Configure nsf to keep init commands much earlier, so that we don't lose doc for nsf classes defined before xotcl-core is loaded

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removed anonymous array and break overlong line

further tighten value checker

Added NSF value-checker "cr_item_of_package" for quick checks for valid parameters

This checker is especially useful when processing external values

(query-parameters etc). Since the check involves a DB lookup, it is

no suited inside busy loops.

bumped version number of xotcl-core to 5.10.1d6

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use better idiom for checking for the existence of objects

add safety belt for unexpected behavior which can show up in some error cases.

include timing information in DEBUG lines only, when nsf was configured properly with it

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make debug messages more uniform (start always with object and method name)

added support for NX ensemble methods

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correct variable name

provide a for-free implementation of dot rendering

On sites with a large footprint, the fork might take a while, binging eveything to a hold

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