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provide compatibility with latest code in 5.10.1

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replace broken links

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- add missing index on object_id field

- bump version number to 2.1.2d1

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add after assign/unassign callbacks

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Update version number for packages and dependencies

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First shot at merging oacs-5-2 apps used in .LRN to HEAD.

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Updated package dependencies

commit to OACS-5-2 merge of changes on OACS-5-1

(using tag vg-merge-dotlrn-2-1-20050922) for packages under dotlrn-all

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upping version numbers in preparation for release

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Made some changes to allow wf case objects to be plain objects (items worked without problems), see: http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=192465 ... I have not been able to test the upgrade script for Oracle.

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merging a few days of HEAD work back to the branch

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removing obsolete deep flag related to deep cloning of workflows

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fixing bug in action::execute - it wouldn't work when executed outside an HTTP request (from the timeout sweeper). Now timeout tasks will have a null user_id which is not ideal. We might want to pass on the trigger type (time) to the case log entry to more clearly indicate when an action timed out.

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Released 2.0.0b1

merge of changes on oacs-5-0 branch to oacs-5-0-0b4 tag

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bump core to 5.0.0b4 for new tarball. update readme.txt and variable.ent to 5.0.0b4.

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clean up summary and description information

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Added timed actions

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Fixed bug #361 again (parent_id of log entry cr_items point to case's object), this time providing an upgrade script, changing the parent_id of existing log entries, and fixing the case deletion proc to delete cases properly given the parent_id.

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bumping version number to 1.2d2

cleaned up files: updated require sections, removed references to arsdigita and openforce, and replaced out-of-date owner info. Most of these edits were done by hand due to bug 1106; I tried to do the same things the APM would do (remove file sections, etc) and updating the release date to today

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committing new version 1.2d1 of workflow.info file that should have been committed earlier when description and description_mime_type attributes were added to actions

Added view workflow_case_assigned_actions

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adding the workflow deputy feature (when someone goes on vacation he can assign his tasks temporarily to someone else). Improving caching in the Tcl API and adding a cache API test

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Merged 4.6.4d1 (unreleased) to HEAD. This marks the end of the life of the oacs-4-6 branch.

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Fixed conflict with old acs-workflow: Renamed workflow_case__delete to workflow_case_pkg__delete

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- Added Tcl API workflow::case::delete

- fixed bug in PL/SQL implementation of workflow_case.delete/workflow_case__delete.

- added @see to workflow::case::insert.

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Updated get_activitiy_html to be able to spit out the header for a new action

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Bumped up version number to 1.0d1

1. Made it possible to upgrade from acs-kernel 4.6.1 to acs-kernel 4.6.2

by using the APM rather than running the upgrade script by hand from

PSQL or SQL*Plus.

2. Changed a bunch of package .info files to depend on acs-kernel 4.6.2

to force the APM to upgrade acs-kernel (and therefore the APM datamodel)

before anything else. No guarantee on this though since not all

packages properly define their dependence on the kernel, it appears.

3. Whacked the release notes to suggest people use the APM to upgrade

acs-kernel first, other package later, just for safety's sake.

4. Fixed goof-up in acs-subsite I accidently introduced.

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