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porting queries in the 2.0 version of workflow from postgres to oracle. Moving common query workflow::case::fsm::get_state_info_not_cached.select_state_info into shared xql file.

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Added support for workflows with hierarchy, parallel actions, and dynamic number of parallel actions. Phew.

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New ::edit API that handles insert/update/delete for cascaded types (action -> fsm_action -> something else)

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changed workflow::get_not_cached to use left outer join so as to not choke when initial action is missing

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Oracle9i porting changes

- Changed procedure names from delete to del

- Changed view declaration to use actual column names

- Changed "rel_constraints_violated_one" and "rel_constraints_violated_two"


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Merged over workflow from HEAD

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First release of workflow

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further development of the workflow Tcl API. Added caching of the Tcl API on the workflow level. Port of datamodel to Oracle, some work remaining there. The package is not yet ready for initial release but will be in about 1-2 weeks.

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