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fixing typos, progress on general bulk inputs, untested

various code revisions, still working on qf_choice and qf_choices, all untested

more quoting..

starting higher level UI + adding user input quoting by default etc.

adding qf_input qf_insert_html, not tested

more revisions, untested

adding more code.. still incomplete

changing code to consistently handle cases of novalue versus empty string, other syntax fixes

revising argument passing for procs to be more flexible and intuitive

minor revisions, adding qf_textarea, untested

refining qf_open, adding qf_fieldset, untested

adding remember attributes feature for shorthand coding

adding dynamic forms procs for handling spreadsheet forms etc. status: untested

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more details added

more spreadsheet procs added, untested

filling out the r/w procs for spreadsheets.. incomplete and untested

adding some preliminary utility procs for handing spreadsheets, also minor table revisions

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fixes to spreadsheet model, calls via tcl instead of sql

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minor model changes

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Initial import of spreadsheet, first draft

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Initial revision

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