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Fix form declarations

Fix form declaration syntax

Merged oacs-5-5 branch of .LRN packages to HEAD.

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Build the url of items the same way as title is (will make the code easier to read)

Bumped version since catalog has changed

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Localization of alt text

Fixed annoying typos

Add return_url to links

Pass through the return_url using client property so user is sent back to where she was when exiting the scorm player

Removed non US-ASCII chars from the filename (would cause errors in some systems)

White space in URLs tends to break them ... and if you do so in an IMG

tag, you get the little blue-box "?" or red "X" depending on the browser

you use ...

Fixed the code that lists classes so it works when called from the user


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Rolled back some debug stuff that I'd changed earlier.

Extracted sql from servlet.tcl to servlet.xql. Added a new course to test LORS. Updated version of lorsm to 0.9d4. Solved problems with templates when you upgrade the package

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Innova totally broke the servlet when moving queries from the tcl file to

a new xql file as part of the port to oracle effort. These changes were

committed WITHOUT TESTING and it took me HOURS TO FIND THE PROBLEMS, some

of which were easy to fix, some not. At the "some not" point, I decided to

just remove Innova's work because CHANGES NEED TO BE TESTED BEFORE BEING

COMMITTED. Innova can continue their work and commit after they've tested


Hint: When there are several dynamic queries built up in a tcl string named

"todo" then executed as "db_dml todo $todo" you can NOT replace all of these

with one static query in the query file named "todo".


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Safari 3 parser didn't like the white space in javascript strings (showed up

in the error console).

Since template query files are executed in the global /templates context,

the query names must reflect this.

Moved dotlrn permission kludges into a permission kludge callback, with

an implementation in dotlrn-lorsm. This keeps lorsm free of the dotlrn

specific permissions kludges while maintaining them within dotlrn (the only

supported way to add lorsm to a community or class is through the dotlrn-lorsm

applet package)

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Changed stupid dotlrn_users reference to users

Fixed broken IMG SRC attribute URLs to the "completed" status flag icons.

Someone put white space in them, leading to the safari "blue ?" image not

found being displayed. Fortunately this was new on HEAD, not in 2.4.1.

Moving to app group community id stuff (so lorsm can work outside .lrn), some

of this got committed accidently in an earlier bug fix commit.

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Fixed broken URL for admin'ing course permissions. This was broken as far

back as 2.4.1 for sure (UNED tested on their instance, too).

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Finished removing class_key references. Changed datamodel to work with

any group_id. Tested install and upgrade scripts. Tested that course

upload and play in lorsm works in .LRN.

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"compliant" not "complaint"! Changed message but not key, to avoid having

to change a bunch of other language catalog files and code.

Removed the useless, unused, dotlrn-dependent "class_key" references

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Added missing spanish translations

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Added two missing keys ... needs doing for spanish, german, french ... ?

Extracted sql from .tcl to .xql

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First step of Lors oracle migration. Indent code.

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Bumped version number

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