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Made sure not to use not in clause in sweeper

Made the sweeper run only once, make it more performant, added counting of entries to the notice and fixed the dependency on .LRN

Adding ability to map dotlrn communities to contacts, email groups with one button on the front page, select groups from a drop down on the front page and fixing some bugs

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Added support for employee adding and return_url

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Fixed a problem where the persons attribute where not generated

Improved performance significantly if you have a lot of application groups

Allow for HTML signature

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Fixed mail-through

The sweeper needs to be called without permission checking as it is not connected

Fixed mail through

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Added mail-through tracking for mass e-mails. Cleaned up the UI a little bit and made importing from CSV enhanced by progress bar

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Sometime in the future the sweeper will work as advertised...

More fixes to the sweeper

Made sure we get the sweeper working

Wrote generic import scripts, first try.

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Support of tracking of files which are passed through

Support for file attachment forwarding and object_id in the subject

removed object_tpe as it was not needed after all. add ed mail callbacks

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Fixed import

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New import procedure

Added support for adding an employee directly into the system

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Added informal salutation

Updated the sweeper to set the group as well as import the AMS attributes

Removed our converter from the scipt

Add user to default group in the sweeper

Added populate buttons

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Some more cleanup on the import_oo_pdf function

Added yet another remote converter. It is getting time to branch the OpenOffice functions to another package

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Added importing procedure

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Do not run sweeper on startup as this might take a while