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Chat reform:

- rework xotcl-core chat machinery to return its responses through JSON and include information about active users

- depend on xowiki instead of xotcl-core only

- exploit xowiki "Comet" server push implementation when the browser supports it

- reduce code duplication

- drop plain HTML chat

- reduce hardcoded styling

- minor cleanups

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Replace innerHTML idiom with a more DOM compliant one, as IE would show undefined username otherwise.

Removed unnecessary decoding of received messages, fixed encoding of sent messages so special characters are properly urlencoded.

Refined error reporting: by returning a page containing the prefix

"chat-errmsg: "

one can decide what to show in case of error, otherwise we stick to the old behaviour (predefined message).

Chats won't throw an error anymore when people keep looking to a room that has been closed.

Instead, user will be informed that the room is unavailable.

Added missing locale key source of errors in the log.

Fixed wrong stored procedure, stating different arguments than in actual usage.

Cleaned up weird idioms in xql files and chat api, moved many db operations into tcl api.

Exploited cache (ns_cache) to retrieve quickly chat room information.

Improved code quality a bit.

Ported upstream some local modification, like prettifying of flags in chat room management

and fix of double quoting in chat's javascript.

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Introduced new options to set chat rooms so login and/or logout message are not issued everytime a user enters/exits the chat.

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Rolled back HEAD to the version on the 5.3 branch

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"New version of the package"

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brought chat in cvs head to the same level as in oacs-5-2, normalized comparisons and expr (using eq etc.)

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fix for banning the user: cope with permission checking, stop user immediately, when he is banned

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Support flushing of messages at night

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support package level user colors parameter

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update users and messages in one connection

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file chat.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-2.

merge changes from the ajax package with the java version

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