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improve spelling

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add "blob" to the checked attributes

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add checking for javascript and data protocols (fixes issue #3413)

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improve spelling and deactivate changes that were probably needed only for Firefox 2

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Add proc ad_html_text_convertable_p as deprecated to improve backwards compatibility

The old name ad_html_text_convertable_p contained a spelling

error and was replaced by ad_html_text_convertible_p.

Replace ad_decode idioms

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Replace ad_decode idioms

fix typo

perform javascript escaping with more regular semantics

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Introduce new ad_js_escape with the purpose of sanitizing tcl strings used inside javascript code from escape sequences and from quotes in particular and provide some test cases

TODO: consider its usage into templates when e.g. we are putting a URL into javascript functions such as acs_ListBulkActionClick. URLs might in fact contain single and double quotes.

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whitespace changes

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simplfy index expressions, strengthen input value checking

improve spelling

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improving ad_html_to_text:

- handle src specs with "data:" (skip data)

- handle anchors with empty hrefs and internal links by not adding these to the text rendering

- add test cases to regression test

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strengthen regexp in ad_text_to_html for adding "mailto:" links

Fix typos

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Make ad_sanitize_html not hardly dependant on a connection being there (thanks to Markus moser for the report)

Also, update documentation and make idioms less awkward.

(this passes automated tests)

use util_current_location instead of ad_url in ad_html_qualify_links to provide a proper default also on host-node mapped subsites

use consistently "nocase" in all substitution in ad_html_qualify_links

reduce verbosity

improve source code documentation of ad_html_qualify_links and add test cases

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make function usable in situations without an active connection

make function usable in situations, where a location based on ad_url is incorrect (e.g. host-node mapped subsites)

fix indentation and regular expression

Whitespace cleanup

Fix typo

improve spelling

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Make string_truncate behave as before (looking for spaces at end_position + 1) and therefore not breaking tests for ad_html_text_convert. Update docs so this property of being less or equal than len is clearly specified

Add '-equal' parameter to 'string_truncate', which allows to truncate a string to a length shorter or *equal* than a specified length.

The fact that 'string_truncate' was producing strings strictly shorter than the specified length, was making the behavior of 'ad_html_text_convert' inconsistent, and breaking automated tests.

This small addition fixes both the behavior and the tests, while retaining compatibility.

Support also the other kinds of whitespace

Update documentation, as no mention to tag closing is made in the code and reimplement procedure exploiting builting tcl idioms (passes automated tests)