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Standardize spelling of names of products (Tcl, AOLserver, PostgreSQL, NaviServer)

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Fix spelling errors

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fix dirty editor buffer leftover

Fix spelling errors

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fix typo

Unify handling of tmp dir checking (see issue #3308)

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white space changes: remove tabs, remove trailing spaces and unneeded quotes

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Fix bug in code for the validation of signed query variables, when no value was given (and notnull complaint has fired already)

Use "util::trim_leading_zeros" instead of ad-hoc code

- add ::template::csrf::validate to be used in page contracts. In difference to security::csrf::validate, this version checks, if csrf is enabled/disabled for this package

Some more Tcl cleanup

- use curly brackes to enable byte code compilation

- don't use "[expr ...]" when not needed

- prefer "incr i -1" over "set i [expr {$i - 1}] "

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- fix typos in documentation

- don't log errors on abort script operations

- add errorCode to reported context information

- Add safety belt to prevent recursive loop

- add return link for complaint pages

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- prefer "localurl" over "return_url" as name of page_filter

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- add page_contract_filter for return_url

- add generic "name not valid" message key

- bump version to 5.9.1d6

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- improve the correctness of the numeric range test, otherwise leading zeros is causing troubles, or e.g. "num=0;copy" is accepted for e.g. "range(0|5)"

- don't report data source errors with status code 200 (use 422 instead)

- avoid potential recursive loop in error handler

- mke it easier to trace origin of error message

- add the actually configured tmpdir to the list for directories to check.

- change reporting level from "error" to "warning" (errors expect actions from developers)

- allow "." in "token"

- allow tcl arrays to be passed via reference in an include_contract

- use in/ni expressions rather than lsearch

- remove unneeded quotes

make signed parameters more useful:

- added secret for parameter signature (can be configured

in config file in section "ns/server/${server}/acs"

parameter "parametersecret"

- allow specification of expiration for signed parameters via

"max_age" in export_vars (eg. "user_id:sign(max_age=20)", meaning:

valid for 20 seconds)

- don't advertise deprected procs in documentation

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- fix warning message

- reduce verbosity and improve documentation