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Improved readability of configuration parameter "parameterSecret"

- Switched to camelCase for better readabilty and uniformity

- NaviServer configuration parameters are case insensitive, so no danger for backward compatibility

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security::validated_host_header: Made acceptance of configured vhosts the first check

Under certain conditions (such as running in a container, or reverse

proxy situations) the admin of a server wants to specify accepted host

names. This can be achieved in the "*/servers" section of a network

driver. These values are used now first for accepting host header

fields. This change avoids unexpected redirects to, e.g., internal

server addresses.

improved spelling

added standard parameterizations for Argon2 when supported.

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Disable tests to check for executables on the system

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improve spelling

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Document public api

refactor login cookie handling

The old code required repeated execption handlers.

Now, these exception handlers are on one place, and

users of sec_login_read_cookie can rely that a dict

is returned

added exception handler for sec_login_get_external_registry

This is necessary for cases, where no login cookie exists

don't assume, the oauth package is installed

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External identity provider reform (part 3)

- logout from external identity provider, if logged in via it

- extend default login page via ADP include, when external

identity providers are configured.

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External identity provider reform (part 2)

Use the external identity provider for refresh of logins. When a user

is logged in via an external identity provider, use the same identity

provider for a refresh when it expires. The expiration time is

controlled via the classical OpenACS parameters.

Note that in general, the same user might be authenticated via a

classical OpenACS authority (e.g. local authority) and/or via an

external one (e.g. Microsoft Identity Platform (Azure) or GitHub).

For single-sign-ons, when the token is still valid, the redirect to

the external identity provider does not mean necessarily that the use

is shown the external identity provider's login page.

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whitespace changes

Added preliminary support for secondary registries (e.g., MS Azure via oauth2)

- When login happened via external registry, the logout should happen

there as well.

- let "sec_login_read_cookie" return a dict instead of a list

(eases future extension)

- bump version number to 5.10.1d31

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improve spelling

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security::safe_tmpfile_p: fix false positive under macOS

This fixes as well the regression test for acs-tcl under macOS

provide an API for single-token signed values

Consider failures obtaining the token as failure to verify the value and report into the log file

reduce verbosity

improve spelling

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Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

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Minor CSP improvements

- provided ability to add "trusted-types" and "require-trusted-types-for"

directives (Trusted Types policies)

For details, see:


- changed default "object-src" from 'self' to 'none'

improve Oracle compatibility

Document public api

improve spelling

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tmpfile page contract filter reform:

do not allow acs-subsite TmpDir parameter to define where the tmpfolder is located anymore. This MUST be the one configured in the server-wide configuration. Tmpfiles cannot be in a subfolder of the tmpfolder, they MUST be direct children instead. A tmpfile MUST exist beforehand and be owned, be readable and writable by the user running the nsd process. This complies with the definition of a tmpfile by AolServer/NaviServer when they are created to store content coming from a file upload.

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Reimplement ad_page_contract_filter_proc_tmpfile using security::safe_tmpfile_p

Some of the features implemented by this filter have been ported into the api, namely the possibility to fetch the valid temp folders from the subsite TmpDir parameter and the possibility to relax the check and allow also files deeper in the tmpfolder hierachy.

Notably, the hardcoded tmpfolders "/var/tmp" and "/tmp" have NOT been ported. One should configure these values via the many available options. security::safe_tmpfile_p is also more restrictive when a file exists, because it checks for ownership and read and write permissions on the file.

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Add must_exist flag to enforce a safe tmpfile to already exist

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Introduce security::safe_tmpfile_p checking whether a file belongs to the configured tmpfolder and respects other constraints

The plan is to use it to improve input validations

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Deactivated script-dynamic again

activating "script-dynamic" for script-src prevents resources as the following from loading

<script type="text/javascript" src="/resources/xowiki/bootstrap-treeview/1.2.0/bootstrap-treeview.min.js" nonce="F8843D5CD542FB1CDB4C94C5D13C4E5ECC2E1DCA">