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make end of options explicit

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prefer db_0or1row for exists-queries

support passing a dict as argument to "group::update" (not only array)

Improve sql portability

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Replace limit with a portable idiom

When a new group is created, flush all the group::get_id caches with the same name so that the new group has a chance to be retrieved

Note that it is wrong to assume a group_name will be unique, although this is normally not far from the truth in our everyday practice

acs-lang reform

Provide an optional object_id which can be used to register message keys that will be bound to the lifecycle of an acs-object. When the object is deleted, so will the message key.

This is useful for groups that automatically define a message key for their pretty name. Tcl api was already aware of this and would cleanup such message keys, but other idioms e.g. stored procedures used to delete groups would leave leftovers behind. These can become relatively numerous on group-intensive systems such as LEARN.

Other future usages for this new feature might be the automatic localization of xowiki FormPage properties.

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mprove spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations, standardize variable names

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Take care of removing the automatically generated group name translation when deleting the group

Correct inconsistent message key creation between group::new (underscore) and group update (dot)

improve spelling

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Remove spaces after complaints at load time

mark argument explicitly as required, add default for cascade_p

group::member_p: add warnings, when group name resoling failed instead of silently returning 0

group::member_p_not_cached: remove misleading defaults

Allow to filter members by relationship type

Fix comment

Add flushing of user permissions as well when adding to a new group, extend comments

Tolerate usages of get_members_not_cached in "frontend code" around by making new member_state parameter optional and therefore not breaking previous contract

Allow to filter group members by membership state in the API

add missing partition key

improve comments, bump version number to 5.10.0d8

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more cleanup:

- remove entries from .xql

- whitespace cleanup

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base group::description and group::join_policy on cached group::get

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cache group::group_p in partitioned cache as well

cache base function "group::get", base "group::title" on "group::get"

changes for group::get:

make array optional

return dict of values which can be more easily passed around

remove unneeded code (flushing of get_title from memoize cache, but function does not exist

remove redundant SQL code in group::delete

rCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

move caching of group memberships from util_memoize cache into separate, partitioned cache (group_cache)

to reduce stress on util_memoize and improve scalability

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add flag no_automatic_membership_rel to group::add_member to make it potentially usable from DotLRN

Harmonize parameter names in proc documentation removing unexistent ones

Replace deprecated 'party::permission_p' by 'permission::permission_p'

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