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Add @see to deprecated procs

Deprecate ad_apply, made obsolete in modern Tcl by the expansion operator "{*}"

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Document behavior

Whitespace cleanup

passing "-debug" flag explicitly to nsf::proc

Added support for trailing non-positional arguments

The change makes the old hack with the own trailing-argument-parser

"ad_arg_parser" obsolete by using directly the c-level argument parser

which is anyhow capable of handling trailing arguments. A few changes

were necessary for api doc to handle there trailing arguments as well.

The proc "db_string" is already converted to use native arguments.

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added a comment about the usefulness of ad_arg_parser

reduce the size of the public interface

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include package key in proc info

mark functions called only internally as private

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just avoid tilde substitution, do not perform sanitizing

sanitizing can lead to file name clashes in case the names

without tilde exists, and they are OS specific. The intention

of "ad_file" is just to be a tilde-proof "file" replacement

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Sanitize all trailing tildes from the filename, mapping them to the current folder

Fixes acs-bootstrap-installer.ad_file automated test

improve spelling

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allow value checkers in ad_procs

Prefer 'namespace which' over 'info commands', as it is faster (on local tests, around 2x) and returns a single value. Many thanks to Nathan Coulter.

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Treat callback hooks and implementations as private api

Reduce acs-tcl.documentation__check_deprecated_see test warnings

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introduced "ad_file" as a means to avoid unexpected tilde substitution in file names

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deprecate unused function

Restrict switches to not negative Tcl numbers, and avoid non-printable characters as well

Fix typo

Remove private proc 'number_p', used only in 'ad_proc_valid_switch_p', and simplify logic of the latter

Fixed bug while populating the 'api_proc_doc_scripts' nsv on ad_proc, where some procs where not added due to a race condition between the 'acs-automated-testing' and the 'acs-bootstrap-installer' packages. See comments in commit for more details.

improve spelling

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Deprecate trivial empty_string_p

improve spelling

improve spelling

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add missing proc_doc

Document the use of the parameter 'args' containing a list of a variable number of arguments

Whitespace changes