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acs::test::user::delete: added flag -delete_created_acs_objects and fix regression test for file-storage

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improve styling and take reliably just the first paragraph in the listing of test cases.

differentiate between directly and indirectly covered API calls to make output pages easier to interprete

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reduce redundancy in adp file

pass selected categories from top-level overview to per-package tests

fix broken test category handling

previously, the exclusion categories were provided as categories, but the "real" categories could not be selected. An in case they were selected via query-parameter, filtering was broken.

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Remove leftover

whitespace changes

fix output in summary line

include totals in test case listing, use proper thead and tfoot elements

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improve navigation when multiple packages are selected

compute for and background colors from percentage to guarantee good contrast

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whitespace changes

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ease navigation: provide links to coverage pages

improve navigation structure (context bar) and actions labeling

the reousrce actions is not necessary, since rerun performs an automatic resources

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use fine-grade percentage to color mapping

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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improve spelling

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Whitespace changes

Use 'api_proc_pretty_name' for generating the api-doc link for a proc

Include all enabled packages in the package view list of the automated-testing admin/index page

Move proc test coverage info to the already existing package view branch

Whitespace cleanup

Move styles into CSS

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Fix doc link

Show proc test coverage only on package view

Add the global test proc coverage percentage to the 'automated-testing' admin/index page, and link it to the new 'proc-coverage' page

Add package name to the coverage data

Replace completely the 'proc-coverage' page, using the new api and providing proc test coverage information for packages and system wide

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New test proc coverage library (proc-coverage) for the 'automated-testing' package:

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_covered_p', checks if a particular proc is covered by any automated test.

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_list', returns a list of procs, sistem wide or in a package, with their coverage status.

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_coverage', returns a summary of information (number of procs, number of covered procs, coverage percentage) about the coverage of the api of a package, or system wide.

- New proc 'aa::coverage::proc_coverage_level', returns a level value (high, medium, low...) for a particular percentage.

Also add new CSS file for the automated tests summary page, which should help reducing the inline styling in the package, and different styles for the proc coverage levels.

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