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make higher use of ADP template files (reduce tcl-generated HTML code)

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make using page-filter "object_id" backwards compatible by allowing it to be used also during update scripts

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Replace ad_decode idioms

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apm reloading reform (part 2)

adjust version-reload and align version numbers

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Revert massive replacement of empty list creation sentences. The use of '[list]' instead of '{}' adds semantics that could be used for performance improvements in the future, such as using a different internal representation. There is already work in this direction, avoiding the generation of the string representation during comparison of empty strings (huge thanks to Stefan Sobernig for the pointer: https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/info/44527c632ed609c2).

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Prefer '{}' to '[list]' when creating empty lists

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Reduce number of swallowing catches

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- prefer localurl as name for page filter

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- improve checking for return_urls in page_contracts

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- prefer ns_quotehtml over ad_quotehtml

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- standardize url construction to protect against injection attacks

- modernize tcl

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- white space change: replace tabs by spaces

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- add error reporting to package reloader (many thanks to Andrew Helsley, see: http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=4166397)

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- check ids in page contracts

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- get rid of eval

- cleanup of apm management (reduce redundancy, consistent headers, cleanup HTML, reduce deprecated code, remove obsolete files)

- the only remaining calls to apm_headers are now in combination with ad_return_top_of_page

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Cleanup page

Made return use action CSS

Fixed some context bar, show name of package being reloaded

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Templated page

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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The 'Watch all files' link still had the long path which included packages/package-key, which it shouldn't.

Re-fixed the file watching problem when you're coming from the 'reload changed' page

changing the reload page to reflect that files are no longer stored in the db

changing the reload page to reflect that files are no longer stored in the db

Upgrade to 4.6.2: The infamous APM changes, workflow, bug-tracker, etc.

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- Took out extra call to apm_package_load status

- allowed calling file-watch with more than one file_id

- offer a 'watch all above files' link when reloading a package

- restructured the version-view page to display links more logically

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cleanup javadoc tags (eg @cvs_id @cvs @cvs-id: instead if @cvs-id)

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