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minor example model adjustments, fixed report bug that set some data columns as constants, added css styles for large tables when reporing.

added more flexibility to reporting function. Added more error checking to model_compute iterations. added automatic variable tracking (and fixed related references)

increasing example model complexity to provide more practical information. model results do not match spreadsheet model yet.

revising package info

adding more sample model complexity, adding qaf_tcl_list_of_lists_to_html_table which converts tcl list of lists to one or two tables, useful for converting generic model output to generic reporting formats

adding namespace definition so proc definitions don't break if this file is loaded before the other proc files

increasing complexity of model, adding more flexibility to features, fixing bad proc name acc_fin::list to list_set as list destroyed the tcl name in the namespace

adding some list procs useful in modeling

fix depreciaton_schedule proc (wasn't returning values), revised its documentation

increasing example model complexity, added feature to append comments on lines by using double dash

formatting adjustments

adding proc calling capability to iterations, namely acc_fin:: procs for now, make this a parameter later

adding ability for model to access current iteration values that have already been calculated in the current iteration

model_compute: report works awkwardly. converted h and i to double and now loop with _i and _h for integer so we do not have to worry about inteference of model on looping..

model_compute: compile and compute works, report has issues

model_compute: compile works, compute has looping issues..

model_compile works for compile..

drafted outputs and reports, other small fixes. Testing soon..

updating model compute, combined it with model compile, revised internal variables to start with _ to prevent collisions with model variables etc.

removing bad parens in comment and extraneous comments

fixing sign for case 0 and when division is not perfect

more procs, new energy-procs file for energy related forecasting

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preliminary gl_array_create added

more procs, adding GL builder and utilities, compute parameters

adding qaf_depreciation_schedule

loop should use payoff instead of balance.

added loan_model, not debugged

loan utility calculations, more to follow..

mirr works

irr works