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- added public method "result_table" to answer_manager

- added mixin class for handling "form_field.pretty_value" in tables

- reduce verbosity

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    • +145
bump version number to 5.10.0d48 and update dependencies

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    • +3
extend message catalog

factor out table-widget-procs from includelet procs

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file table-widget-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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improve spelling

provide CSS classes for alignment in table widgets

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

provide "pretty_value" for text_fields, sort components of compound fields in "pretty_value"

whitespace changes

bump version number to 5.10.0d23

improve stylability

Add 'case' to the list of Tcl keywords. The command is obsolete, deprecated, not documented anymore and slated for removal in Tcl 9.0, but still exists and makes the api_doc confused and unhappy.

Rename 'Se', the selenium driver, to '::acs::test::selenium::Se', and repack it into an ad_proc, deprecating the former one and adding the comments on the file proc doc.

Add an exception for the 'berkdb' command, defined in the global namespace by the Berkeley DB Tcl extension, to the 'naming__proc_naming testcase'

Add exceptions for some commands defined in the global namespace by the 'Trf' Tcl extension to the 'naming__proc_naming testcase'

add support in form-fields to add css class for td in TableWidget and whitespace changes

add support in form-fields to add css class for td in TableWidget

add method for saveing/restoring perconnection_parameters

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

add method for deep copy of ordered composites

don't return @cr_fields ad form_field by create_form_fields_from_form_constraints

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fix handling of return_url for www-delete.

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    • +6
fix indentation, make it easier to grep for definiton of namespaced classes

split up large method into three

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    • +190
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set MenuBar propperty only during rendering (not on initialization)

provide compatibility wrappers for AOLserver and NaviServer before 4.99.17

encode includelet key to achieve higher robustness and preserve url-parameter checking

the includelet_key (as defined) may contain arbitraty characters.

Maybe, the key should be encoded in the future, but for now we keep this

for compatibility with potential applications

make sure that parseargs treats argument as a single one

Restrict switches to not negative Tcl numbers, and avoid non-printable characters as well

Rename 'require_html_procs'