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Doc formatting changes

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Avoid markup in documentation

Reduce people expectations

Fix acs-tcl.logout_from_everywhere test case and support again invalidating of all existing user logins, useful e.g. to make sure no device still holds a valid login when we change our password on a device

Test the use case supposedly supported by sec_change_user_auth_token: invalidate all existing login cookies (e.g. when the users change their password) so that all devices need to log in again

the test exposes a long standing regression (~17 years) where this was broken in order to support persistent login. See e.g. https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=1691183#msg_1691183

file security-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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improve documentation

use proper user_id

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Added text-attachment

Ny using text-attachments, a lecturer can attach files to the exercise

text for the student to download when solving the exercise.

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improved comments

enable question-form resolving again.

fix dependencies

provide export interface

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change tcl arrays into dicts

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break overlong lines

improve comment

improve documentation (follow LDP guidelines)

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improve spelling (follow LDP)

Include download link for .apm files

show HEAD branch and oacs-5-10 development branch

improve line-breaks

improve spelling

improve robustness of table sort links, when called without connection

fix spelling

add explicit casts to all max_n_rels with value null to increase readability and to ease function disambiguation

add explicit cast to all max_n_rels with value null to increase readability and to ease function disambiguation

Make package installable on current codebase, fix obious issues with ancient outdated api

fix typo

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Undo change from 15 Dec, since it breaks shuffling

the Linux Documentation Project recommends to write "lowercase" as a single word