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Use ad_include_contract

Support uninstall/reinstall use case by implementing a uninstall callback getting rid of service contract implementations

Use ad_page_contract, add some remarks

Use ad_include_contract

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Delete NOOP tcl file

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Publish body is not optional and might contain HTML

Use ad_inlcude_contract

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Use ad_include_contract

Whitespace cleanup

Use ad_include_contract

Add @see for deprecated procs

Add @see for deprecated procs

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improve spelling

improve handling of invalid characters

Delete leftover page from the old good days:

- it is supposed to test the localization data model, but columns are wrong, so it probably refers to an older version

- similar tests already take place in the appropriate acs-automated-tests framework, so makes little point to fix it or port it

- makes use of deprecated api (e.g. ad_footer)

improve comments

add scoring calculations

improve page contracts

improve page_contracts

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tighten page contracts

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white space changes, improve line breaks

add ad_page_contract

Add ad_include_contract

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Use portable idioms

Use ad_include_contract

Whitespace cleanup

Add ad_page_contract

Update api, prefer bind variables

Use ad_include_contract

Add ad_page_contract, improve contract

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