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Page broken on new project

Category subtree support

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Groupby category

Made return use action CSS

Use CSS class 'button'

Marked aa_run_with_teardown public

Marked util_unlist public

Sorting by category, in Tcl

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Added provision for sorting in Tcl using template::multirow sort

Fixed bug in template::multirow sort - forgot to set the rownum attribute

Filter by categories

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Added categories support -- filtering/ordering still missing, but otherwise we're good

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- Ability to pass parameters via named properties, instead of misusing the 'value' property

- Allowing widget to only show one tree

- Changed to new namespace style

- Added category::get_names proc, which can get names for a list of categories

Added helpful view for getting categories

UI design

Commented out ds_comments about user-switching

- Added number of comments to CMT link

- Added link to automated testing

Removed TODO after fixing the issue

Fixed bug with all DB statements showing zero time -- Dirk had changed the way we count the milliseconds, but missed this page.

Got rid of the 3 ds_comment's always present, and moved them into RP-info structure

TODO comment

removed word placeholder

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upgrade documentation to rc1

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Futzing and fiddling, moving graphics into the resources directory, fixing

typos, etc.

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Added notifications to calendar. Currently works only for PostgreSQL, will do the port to Oracle in the next 4 weeks.

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Removed large chunks of commented-out Oracle code.

Removed unused pgplsql procs - that looked very broken and haven't been used in over two years.

drop table statements won't work until the view is dropped

Moved portal resources to the resources directory ...

  1. … 25 more files in changeset.