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fix typo

More progress towards getting this stuff working ...

HTML-quoted an example <include> tag

TODOs and mockup edits

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
Adding permission checking for the city admin user. making the simbuild_p variable depend on the sim_inst privilege. Breaking demo data out into its own file for better overview.

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Moved javascript into core library

- Added a TODO

- Added code to automatically add the initial action

Make all tabs available all the time, when in dev_sim (almost - still need to refactor code)

Added a file to hold our base javascript library

Making wizards work in casting mode

working on mockups

anonymous users should only be allowed to access index page and the object view page

permission testing for the anonymous user and comments describing permission testing for the other users

Fixed action-permission bug: workflow::action::get_assigned_role had changed from returning role_id to returning role short_name

modified task table to make states clearer

UI tweaks and TODO edits

Commit of latest siminst wizard stuff

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adding the Legislative Drafting demo template from Peter. Breaking some code out into Tcl procs to avoid duplication

Added Copy icon

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Tightened the display of formgroup tables, there was too much whitespace

Changed ad_quotehtml to use "string map", which is faster than the old

regexp approach. Thanks to Daniel Mantione...

TODO's and title attributes

Improved developer-support, including stylesheet

Improved developer-support, including the way it's integrated into the site masters

Cleaned-up, templated, and improved developer-support

Made templated server error page more robust against errors during parsing of the error page template

More wizard

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
adding template created from spec to demo data script

Removing obsolete pages

adding one test user in each of the permission groups. Factoring add_user and add_user_to_group out into Tcl procs