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Fix proc doc typo

Add editor hints + Whitespace cleanup

Mention explicitly the tested procs in the test cases.

Mention explicitly the tested procs in the test cases.

Whitespace changes

Fix uncomplete test description and simplify single -procs line.

Whitespace changes

Mention explicitly the tested procs in the test cases.

improve comments, bump version number to 5.10.0d8

more cleanup:

- remove entries from .xql

- whitespace cleanup

base group::description and group::join_policy on cached group::get

cache group::group_p in partitioned cache as well

note, that change_state_member tests checks implicitly as well membership_rel::change_state

cache base function "group::get", base "group::title" on "group::get"

changes for group::get:

make array optional

return dict of values which can be more easily passed around

remove unneeded code (flushing of get_title from memoize cache, but function does not exist

remove redundant SQL code in group::delete

rCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Fixed bug with SuppressHttpPort on admin/index page of acs-subsite

for details see: https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=5399931

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move caching of group memberships from util_memoize cache into separate, partitioned cache (group_cache)

to reduce stress on util_memoize and improve scalability

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set error-level to warning for documentation__check_proc_testcase (similar to datamodel__named_constraints)

remove obsolte comments

probably it was meant that packages can be passed in via "package_ids" parameter

whitespace cleanup

align callback implementation with definition

fix documentation of parameter

update documentation

add flag no_automatic_membership_rel to group::add_member to make it potentially usable from DotLRN

fix typo

whitespace cleanup

replace deprecated proc util_search_list_of_lists

don't be so quick on phasing out deprecated code

add flag "-suppress_port" to util::configured_location