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- fix serveral documentation bugs (align decumentation with implementation)

- use "throw" as well for invalid cookies (in addition to non-existent cookies)

Use ad_include_contract for this include page

Replace removed query in xotcl implementation as well

Init cache using values from db instead than cached api (fixes install from scratch)

Move remaining portable queries to tcl file

Remove obsolete partial query

Remove obsolete partial query: no reference was found in upstream code

Reduce code duplication (passes automated tests)

Streamline retrieval of mapped host nodes

Move query into tcl file

Avoid setting the whole array in the api and just return what we need

Avoid asking for an array in the api

Use api and portable idioms to reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

Make test locale-aware

Replace queries with api and already available information

Fix typos in query

Move some quoting in the api

Fix typo: new relation would be added always for the latest segment

Replace stored procedures with inline queries and reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

remove unneeded feature (see issue #3364)

fix brken verison (see issue #3366)

improve indentation

Fix typos

Recover include intended behavior:

this include was supposedly looking at subgroups of the provided group_id (clearly stated in the doc), while in fact scope was always forcefully set on package_id from the connection

Streamline multirow creation

Redefine include as ad_include_contract with docs and parameters in the right place

Remove unneeded statements

Fix typo

Get rid of warning: "template::form::check_elements: MISSING FORMWIDGET"

fix for bug #3367 (many thanks to Rainer Bachleitner)